Robot Loading Information

The robots will be loaded on the East side of the David Braley Athletic Centre on Friday from 1:30pm – 4:30pm. Only five team members are allowed to help unload and one must be an adult.

Due to the construction, this year load-in must follow a detailed schedule. Teams will be notified in early March to sign up for a specific load in time and instructions regarding these changes.

Smaller vehicles that are less than 4,500kg can follow the route indicated here on this map to unload.

FIRST Small Vehicles Unloading Map

For larger vehicles, trailer parking will be available in Lot M, which can be found on this map.

The map below shows the route through campus to the loading area for large vehicles.

FIRST Large Vehicle Unloading Map

Please refer to this document for further information on size restriction and routes on driving large vehicles through campus to the load in area.

Truck Handout